Friday, May 7, 2010

Transient Melodies, Artistic Maladies

I found myself binging
On the sugar of your words
My happiness hinging
On subtle promises heard
You sigh in my direction
I inhale your air
Breathing your words
Within the quiet of our stare
Their inflection
Painting vividly
While I, unaware
That I wove the brush
With thistles plucked from the lashes
Of my third eye
Selected the hues
Within a moment’s hush
With not a moment to lose
I used
The tool of my want
To relay the vision of love
I dared not daunt
Each stroke
Depicting a diluted version
Of my mental scene
Purity now perversion
Beauty now obscene
Distorted figments
Of images once clear
Muddled pigments
Run together, and, disappear
Just like your words
Once said, vanished into
The thin of the air
I inhaled each sentence
Inebriation took effect
High from
Their meanings, mostly indirect
The pitch of each syllable
Dancing melodically
Ringing beautifully
The sound surrounds
And within the silence I hear
Our song
Harmonies I can almost touch
Their beauty astounds
And suddenly
The rhythm goes wrong
Taking on a cadence all its own
Sounds tumbling downward
As though falling
From heavens height and landing
Back home
I’m left standing
In the reality of “alone”
The song rings in the distance
Fading softly against the wind
Beating against the drums
Of my ear
And softly dying within
My heart sings a staccato tune
Inaudible now
Its words etched as a rune
Its message within the furrow of my brow
I painted and conducted
Our picture and song
Both creations abducted
By the reality of

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